How to choose a leather belt for daily wear?
How to choose a leather belt for daily wear?

As we all know that leather belt is a very necessary accessory for our daily life, wearing a nice belt can help you look better. But how to choose a suitable leather belt for our daily wear?

These are the belts that you don't have to think twice about. You can roll out of bed, slip into some decent threads and pull it all together with a versatile, sturdy and style-steady strap of leather. Meant to get you through the everyday, you can get away with just one of these if it's a mute tan

easy to pair with any shoe &
any overall look.

         Generally, casual belts are fairly wide and are crafted from a supple calfskin, which tends get more comfortable over time since it shapes to your body. Not to mention, the best everyday belts

also get
better looking the longer you wear it, showcasing your little victories over the daily grind. Here are some of Hongmioo's choices.

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