Why it shows a price range of our belt?
Some customers ask why it shows a price range of our belt.
Because we have thousands belt in different style in our website,some price we write is only a range.
As we are belt factory,the material can be choose depend on customer's requirement,each customer had different material request,different target price and different qty request.
For example of this below poyester belt,we have cheaper webbing and high quality webbing,we can combine webbing to PU also can be with leather,we can use zinc alloy buckle,also can use Iron buckle if you want cheaper.We can do wholesale packing also can pack them with gift box.Besides,if you order 10000pcs and 300pcs,surely more qty,much cheaper.
So accurate price will be depend on material,MOQ,quality requirement,package item,and so on.Pls send us enquiry to talk freely if you have any questions.

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