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How strong are your cobra buckle tactical belts?

How strong are your tactical belts? Our cobra buckles when attached to our belts are designed to withstand 18kN (kiloNewtons) of force.  What is a kiloNewton?  One kiloNewton is approximately 225lbs.  So our belts can withstand a force of 4050lbs (1837kg) !

Why it shows a price range of our belt?

Some customers ask why it shows a price range of our belt.Because we have thousands belt in different style in our website,some price we write is only a range.As we are belt factory,the material can be choose depend on customer's requirement,each customer had different material request,different target price and different qty request.For example of this below poyester belt,we have cheaper webbing and high quality webbing,we can combine webbing to PU also can be with leather,we can use zinc alloy buckle,also can use Iron buckle if you want cheaper.We can do wholesale packing also can pack them with gift box.Besides,if you order 10000pcs and 300pcs,surely more qty,much cheaper.So accurate price will be depend on material,MOQ,quality requirement,package item,and so on.Pls send us enquiry to talk freely if you have any questions.

Should men tuck in T-shirts with a belt?

It depends. If you are wearing long pants, you may. Do not tuck in with shorts. In a more casual setting, people won't care if your shirt is tucked, but in a more professional environment, it looks better tucked.

What is a gait belt?

What is a gait belt? A gait belt is a safety device used to help someone move, such as from a bed to a chair. The belt is also used to help hold someone up while he walks, if he is too weak to walk on his own. The gait belt helps you provide support and helps prevent a fall. It also decreases your risk for a back injury while you help the person move or walk. Usually a gait belt is about 1½ to 4 inches (3.8 to 10 centimeters) wide and 54 to 60 inches (137 to 152 centimeters) long. The belt is made of canvas, nylon, or leather with a buckle at one end. Several kinds of gait belts are available. The person's healthcare provider can help decide which gait belt to use. Our factory custom the webbing or buckle for you, the ODM/OEM service can be available. 

What is the carbon fiber material

What is the carbon fiber Carbon Fiber is a polymer and is sometimes known as graphite fiber. It is a very strong material that is also very lightweight. Carbon fiber is five-times stronger than steel and twice as stiff. Though carbon fiber is stronger and stiffer than steel, it is lighter than steel; making it the ideal manufacturing material for many parts. These are just a few reasons why carbon fiber is favored by engineers and designers for manufacturing. Carbon fiber is made of thin, strong crystalline filaments of carbon that is used to strengthen material. Carbon fiber can be thinner than a strand of human hair and gets its strength when twisted together like yarn. Then it can be woven together to form cloth and if needed to take a permanent shape, carbon fiber can be laid over a mold and coated in resin or plastic. On top of being strong, carbon fiber:●      Is high in stiffness●      Is high in tensile strength●      Has a low weight to strength ratio●      Is high in chemical resistance●      Is temperature tolerant to excessive heat●      Has low thermal expansion Because of this, carbon fiber is very popular in many industries such as aerospace, automotive, military, and recreational applications.And we produced the carbon fiber buckle for belt, it is nickle free, no worry about metal allergy again, it is fashionable and honorable, you can pass the airport security no need to take off your belt. The belt can suit for many occasions, such as business, leisure, tarvel... 

Ratchet belt resizing Instructions

STEP 1. SIZE IT • Find your waist size on the back of the belt, then cut 2” above your waist size. STEP 2. ATTACH BUCKLE • Lift the buckle lock on the underside of the buckle. (See images A and B) STEP 3. SECURE BUCKLE TO BELT • Slide the buckle onto the cut end of the belt. Secure by closing the buckle lock tab. (See images C, D, and E)• Be sure that the underside of the buckle is on the same side as the number and the track.NOTE: There may be some resistance when pushing the buckle lock tab closed. This is OK. Just push down until the tab is completely closed. STEP 4. LIFT BUCKLE FRAME TO LOOSEN OR TIGHTEN •To loosen or tighten lift the buckle frame then slide belt left or right.

Ratchet belt resizing Instructions

STEP 1. SIZE IT • Find your waist size on the back of the belt, then cut 2” above your waist size. STEP 2. ATTACH BUCKLE • Lift the buckle lock on the underside of the buckle. (See images A and B) STEP 3. SECURE BUCKLE TO BELT • Slide the buckle onto the cut end of the belt. Secure by closing the buckle lock tab. (See images C, D, and E)• Be sure that the underside of the buckle is on the same side as the number and the track.NOTE: There may be some resistance when pushing the buckle lock tab closed. This is OK. Just push down until the tab is completely closed. STEP 4. LIFT BUCKLE FRAME TO LOOSEN OR TIGHTEN •To loosen or tighten lift the buckle frame then slide belt left or right.

Best Performance Belts for Hiking and Camping

Best Performance Belts for Hiking and Camping Unlike hiking boots, jackets and pants, belts have been a utilitarian piece of gear that are not given a lot of updates. This is because its task has been so simple -either it does its job or not. Belts are just made to be sturdy and functional (and most of the times, fashionable). But those who make performance belts for hiking and camping have a different take. They know how to create belts that does not only keep your pants up, but also provides dynamic support and comfort that doesn’t hinder mobility. Performance belts isn’t available everywhere, so in case going to a hiking gear shop or sports store is a hassle, the great thing is you can find and order them online. 1. Mountain Khakis Webbing Belt One of the bestselling hiking belts, Mountain Khakis Webbing Belt is a super-tough belt made of 100% nylon. It features a tough buckle that has a strong, gripping teeth for a solid, non-slip hold even when doing vigorous activities. The stainless steel buckle is designed with a laser-etched logo, and can even be used as a bottle opener. The belt itself is quick-drying and stain-resistant. When it comes to its appearance, the belt is handsome-looking and comes in seven different colors. 2. Adventure Collection This one’s a low profile belt that fits most waists. Instead of going for nylon, Arcade opted for a full-stretch belt fabric with a unique side-release buckle design. The buckles aren’t made of metal, making it easier to go through airport security. The DWR treatment in this belt ensures that it won’t get soaked during the rain or snow. It’s even machine washable, so you can just leave it in your pants while washing it. 3. Abl B19Abl B19 is less stretchy compared to Arcade Adventure, but it isn’t a rigid belt, making it great for hiking and any adventure sport. It’s a hefty belt with a tall and thick webbing made of a custom woven performance fabric. The buckle is made of carbon-fiber reinforced polyamide and has a simple hook that threads into a loop at the other end of the webbing. Just set your belt length and the clasp can be attached or taken off the loop very easily. This one’s also travel-friendly when riding an airplane, and secure enough to stay put whatever you do. 4.Conveyor BeltConveyor Belt is a heavy-duty, non-stretch nylon webbing belt that is thick and comfortable. It also comes with an aluminum, non-slip buckle with a low profile, . The belt comes in three sizes, and make sure you check the size appropriate for you because it has a plastic leader on the belt end that prevents you from cutting the belt to size (though its main purpose is a benefit: to prevent the belt from fraying). It’s tough, durable and straightforward belt that is reliable when it comes to outdoor activities. 5. 1.5-Inch Belt Made of 100% nylon webbing, this tactical belt can keep your pants secure, yet it can also be used for first aid, as a rope and other outdoor purposes that relates to survival. With that being said, you can be assured that 1.5-Inch Belt is a sturdy, rip-resistant and multi-purpose belt that is great for hiking. It’s very light, so you won’t notice that you’re wearing a belt, and its non-metallic buckle allows for quick fastening and easier access through airport security. It comes in three colors and sizes ranging from small to 3XL. 6. Men’s Webbed Belt Coming from a well-known maker of athletic gear, Men’s Webbed Belt is a must-have hiking belt. It’s made of webbed polyester that is stylish and very durable. The belt is extremely sturdy that you can even use it to tie firewood, carry multiple items and other survival activities during hiking and backpacking. The buckle can be also used as a bottle opener. 7.Wilderness BeltClaiming itself as the ultimate wilderness belt, the Wilderness Belt is ideal for overland explorers, high-mileage hikers and ATV riders. You can count on it to keep your pants up, and also provide you emergency support when you need it. It’s made of woven nylon that’s worth 80+ feet of emergency 550 paracord that you can use to build a stretcher, fasten a tourniquet, make a shelter, attach a towline, secure a load and more. In addition to that, the titanium buckle is extremely strong and allergen-free. 8. Men’s Tech Essential Web BeltMen’s Tech Essential Web Belt is a sturdy belt, yet highly comfortable as it is made of 100% cotton webbing. It’s a resilient and reversible belt with adjustable closure. One size fits all with this belt, and it can even be machine-washed. To add to that, the back of the buckle can be used as a bottle opener. 9. Nylon Canvas Breathable Military Tactical Men Waist Belt Nylon Canvas Breathable Military Tactical Men Waist Belt is a tough and durable belt that resists wear and looks new even after years of use. It’s made of a thick nylon strap and high-quality plastic buckle. It’s very lightweight, breathable and flexible, making it a perfect belt to wear during summer hikes. The belt is fully adjustable, and you can trim it to fit your size. The stylishness of this belt makes it worthy to be an all-around, everyday accessory. 10. Cobra Quick Release Buckle Cobra Belt Cobra Quick Release Buckle Cobra Belt has a nylon belt webbing that makes it strong and durable without sacrificing comfort even when doing strenuous activities. The buckle is made of 7075 aluminum, which is the same strong metal used in aerospace applications. Its unique buckle design makes it easy to fasten and click without effort. Plus, it’s stylish and comes in 11 different colors. 11. Web Belt Classic Series Golf Belt While the name says it’s a golf belt, this one’s a great choice for hiking, too. The extraordinary thing about this belt is that its military-grade nylon made it so strong, giving it a breaking strength of 2,500 lbs. This makes this belt versatile and usable when it comes to emergency survival situations while you’re on your outdoor adventure. Though it’s strong, it’s very lightweight and comfortable, and also highly adjustable. Plus, it’s stylish, so it also looks well when paired with your casual or work clothes, or even suits.12. Men’s Military Tactical Web BeltAn extremely resilient belt, Men’s Military Tactical Web Belt is a well-made, durable belt. It’s made of 100% nylon webbing and a plastic YKK buckle. Since  it’s non-metallic, it’s geared for easy, faster clearance through a metal detector or airport security. It’s comfortable to wear and easily adjustable. You can even trim the belt length to a size you prefer.We can accept customized all of kinds of outdoor belts,Any questions please contact sales06@hongmioo.com

Different Styles of Belts for Men

Different Styles of Belts for Men Belts are the most common and essential accessory that can be found in a man’s wardrobe. Aside from holding up their pants, belts also are part of their style. Wearing a belt makes them more professional looking. Other than wearing it with their business attire, they also wear belts with jeans and shorts. It seems that as long as the clothing has belt loops, a belt should be worn with it. However, men should also learn about the different styles of belts so they will be able to know which styles will match their outfits. To have an idea, here are some of the different styles of belts for men. Men’s Black Leather Belt This is the most common style of belt and majority of men have them. They can be seen being worn with everything from school uniforms to very expensive suits. This is the smartest choice because black goes with any color of clothing. This belt can be worn every day, whether formal or casual. However while styling an outfit it should be made sure that the colour of a man’s belt matches his shoes. Black belt on a formal outfit will only look good if it’s paired with black shoes. Apart from that black is still considered the must-have in a man’s wardrobe as it is a very versatile colour. Men’s Dress Brown Leather Belt The brown leather belt is another common colour belt that men wear with their business casual and suit pants. Though it’s can be a bit harder to match than black, you can wear it easily with gray, brown, and blue pants which are pretty standard colors. Just remember that the lighter the shade of the pants are, the lighter the shade of the brown belt should be as well. And again, the colour of the belt should match the colour of shoes. Casual Leather Belt This belt is best worn with casual clothes like t-shirts and jeans. Casual leather belts are usually brown with various simple patterns. They are also wider than formal belts which adds up to the smart casual look. Most common type of casual belts are the ones with simple buckles. However, there are belts with heavy buckles with motifs and logos. The heavier ones look great if paired with a polo shirt and chinos. There are many colours in wider belts such as olive and pickle green or even some shades of blue as well. These belts are inspired by the creativity of designers. They may not be by any famous designer and hence will be available in a cheap price Smooth Suede Belt While this style belt isn’t as popular today as the leather belt, it can provide a splash of style to the man’s attire. The smooth suede adds a sophistication to overall outfit. Also, men who wear suedes are most likely more stylish than the ones who wear leather. The fact that suede doesn’t shine makes it exclusive to only a handful of men, the ones who know how to put together an outfit. If it’s your first time wearing a suede belt, search the web for ideas to pair a suede belt for the kind of event you are going to. The price of the suede can go really high depending on the label and quality but it’s definitely a must-have for any fashion maven. Men’s Woven Belt This kind of belt is a bit more fashionable than the basic leather belt and it’s perfect to wear them with shorts or casual trousers. It also comes with a variety of colors. If you want a summer look, this belt is great especially when you choose lighter shades and combine it with the right color short or pant. Even if you’re just wearing a basic t-shirt and loafers, this belt can make it look really stylish. For an overall perfect beach outfit, pair the belt with a light green shirt with leafy pattern and some cameo or khaki shorts. With that you can wear your aviators. The woven belt will pull this look together. Tooled Leather Belt This is another style of belt that is best to wear with casual attires like shirt and jeans. They are stamped with tooled patterns which makes them have their own style.  They are often paired with more country and western style outfits. Some of them also have interchangeable buckles to change up the style. So if you want to be more fashionable or heading to a country dance check this style out. Tooled belt is something that can add a highlight of your culture in your outfit because the patterns on the tooled belt can be floral, wired, weaved or embossed with colourful underlays.  D-Ring Belt Canvas Belt This belt comes with “D”shaped buckles. They are very functional and flexible as well. If you’re into outdoor activities like hiking, this is the perfect belt for you. Just like the canvas belt, it is very easy to adjust as well.This belt style is usually worn by boy scouts and in the military. It is a very simple belt that has a metal buckle. It is easy to adjust because it does not have any holes. You just have to pull it and lock the buckle once it fits you well enough. Slim Belt The slim belt, which is usually just 1 inch in width, is perfect to use with linen suits or chinos and polo shirts -the type of outfit you would wear when attending a summer wedding. They are more fashion forward but doesn’t look too formal. They usually come in black and brown colors.If you are looking for a reasonably priced leather belt you may check this one out. It is a casual leather belt that can be worn on jeans and khakis for daily wear. The belt is brown in colour and has the logo printed on it. Wearing a belt is more than just having something to hold your pants up. It’s not enough that you only have one leather belt for all occasions. It is an accessory that men should also invest on. Also, having formal and casual belts on hand will make it easier for you to style up your outfits every day.

Guide to Peplum Belts

Guide to Peplum Belts The peplum look has often been commented on by critics in the fashion world as “difficult to pull off,” but one thing is sure - peplums are fun and unique. Today, it is still visible on the runway just as often as shifts. And it’s definitely a look that both slim girls and plus-sized girls can wear. Origin of the PeplumThe heydays of peplum fashion were in the 1940s to 1980s, and it has been around long before then. In fact, there were instances when this silhouette was seen as far back as Ancient Greece. During the Classical period, the Greeks wore an outfit called the peplos. This is where the term”peplum”originated. It was made of a long tube of fabric that was draped and tied at the waist, then cinched to create the peplum shape. A more structured version of the peplum came into fashion during the Renaissance. This version has the peplum flared outward over the hips, rather than draping across the body. It resurfaced during the Victorian era as a predecessor to the bustle. During the 1940s, the peplum has become what it looks like today. Christian Dior’s “New Look” was very popular at that time, and it became what every woman wanted to imitate the stylish, classic hourglass shape. It was less structured than its predecessors, but it provided plenty of volume. It faded out of popularity by the 1950s, but resurfaced again in the 1980s, when the flared waistline was back in fashion. The 80s version of the peplum began at the hips rather than the waist. With the current trend in fashion that revives nostalgic trends of the past, the peplum has made a comeback since 2011. Thanks to Jil Sanders’ Spring 2011 collection, the style has been slowly reintroduced to women’s wardrobes. If you want the peplum effect but you don’t have a peplum top, you can opt for a peplum belt. It’s a stylish way to highlight your midsection and gives you a new and fun way to accentuate your waistline while wearing a dress, a fitting blouse and pencil skirt, or a fitting blouse and skinny jeans. It highlights the waist, sort of like a corset belt would, but with more volume and curves. Women’s Adjustable Faux Leather Peplum Cinch Belt Looking to add a girly effect on your straight-cut dress? The Women’s Adjustable Faux Leather Peplum Cinch Belt can add a cute and feminine effect to your waist. This belt is made of high-quality PU leather that is soft and smooth to the touch. It’s also breathable and super comfortable to wear. This belt has a wavy peplum going on, which is sure to accentuate your waist when you wear it.   PU Leather Waist Belt for Women The PU Leather Waist Belt for Women is made of high-quality PU leather that gives a smooth feel. Its leather texture is shiny and smooth. The self-tie wrap bow on the belt looks really stylish and fashionable and can give a pretty effect on your outfit. The belt’s flounce design can be matched with most of our outfits, especially dresses, skirts, long blouses, tunics, and pullover sweaters. PU Leather Waist Belt for Women Looking for a flouncy peplum belt? The PU Leather Waist Belt for Women may suit your style needs. Its pleated skirt-like design can be matched with all outfits perfectly, which can give you unexpected visual experience. It’s great to match with your tunics, blouses, dress, long shirts, pullover sweater, and some blazers. This casual belt can help cinch your waist for an attractive figure. It comes with a zipper at the back for easy fastening, PU Leather Waist Belt for Women Looking for a flouncy peplum belt? The PU Leather Waist Belt for Women may suit your style needs. Its pleated skirt-like design can be matched with all outfits perfectly, which can give you unexpected visual experience. It’s great to match with your tunics, blouses, dress, long shirts, pullover sweater, and some blazers. This casual belt can help cinch your waist for an attractive figure. It comes with a zipper at the back for easy fastening, Do Women’s Punk Leather Corset you want people’s attention to be on you? The Women’s Punk Leather Corset is a peplum accessory to get. This belt is a leather body harness cage that’s adjustable and purely handmade. But as a harness, it’s comfortable to wear. It’s made of high-quality PU leather for durability. It’s a cute belt to wear with a skirt or a dress. Peplum Cummerbunds Bow Belts The Peplum Cummerbunds Bow Belt can prettify your autumn or winter attire. This belt has a peplum design with a bow tie in the middle to make it look charming. It’s perfect for wearing with your leggings, bodycon dress or tights, so you can add a bit of volume to your look. This is made of faux leather. Women’ Leather Body Harness Cage Adjustable Peplum Dress Waist Belt Looking for a peplum that covers the sides only? Women’ Leather Body Harness Cage Adjustable Peplum Dress Waist Belt may be something you’re looking for. It came with a harness design and made with high-quality PU leather material that’s comfortable to wear. This makes it great as an accessory for cosplay, party attire, nightclub attire, and more. This is because this design looks eye-catching, you probably don’t want to wear them with your regular clothes if you don’t want to get attention. Faux Leather Structure Ruffle Thick Statement Peplum Belt This is a statement belt that will earn you a lot of compliments. The Faux Leather Structure Ruffle Thick Statement Peplum Belt is a textured, faux leather-based skirt belt complete with a thick belted waistband, a skin-baring front opening, a scalloped hem, and a flirty mini length. Wear it with a sexy bodysuit, A-line dress, or a cropped top to complete the look. By the way, it’s made of 10% polyester and must be dry-cleaned only. Red Leather Peplum Belt Red Leather Peplum Belt is an exquisite peplum belt that’s made of genuine soft sheep leather. This gives the belt an expensive look and feel. Its unique design accentuates the waist and creates a flattering shape. You can wear this peplum corset belt with your dresses and blouses, as well as with a cloak or jacket.

What Is a Weightlifting Belt?

What Is a Weightlifting Belt? A weightlifting belt is a type of belt used when lifting weights. Before, almost everyone who lifted weights in any form or shape used a weightlifting belt. However, in the present time, only a few people use them in the gym. It’s because a lot of “experts” claimed that using a weightlifting belt is a crutch that can weaken the lower back muscles, and as well as core strength in general. If you think that weightlifting belts act as a brace to support your torso so that your muscles don’t have to, well, you’re wrong. It’s because weightlifting belts are used to help you increase the use of your abs and lower-back muscles. According to research wearing a belt while lifting either has little effect on the use of the lower back muscles, or it can actually increase their use by up to 25%. If you are curious about weightlifting belts and you really want to know more about them, if they are good or bad, then you’ve come to the right place. Today, we are giving you more information about weightlifting beltsand their positive and negative effects when used. Powerlifting Belt: This type is used by powerlifters because it allows them to squat and deadlift more weight. Another concern is its potential safety benefit. It is designed specifically for the sport of powerlifting, making them heavy-duty and stiff. A powerlifting belt also has more surface area on your abs, and it has a buckle that you can pull as tight as you want for a remarkable amount of internal pressure build-up.Traditional Weightlifting Belt: Most traditional weightlifting belts are made of leather. They are also thicker in the back than in the front part. A traditional weightlifting belt is only as thick as the belts that hold up your pants. The way they buckle and fasten is the same as powerlifting belts. However, they are not as strong. They can provide less internal pressure, as well. Velcro Belt: This type of weightlifting belt is usually made of synthetic material, and is held onto your body using only Velcro. This means that it has a limit to how much force you can exert against it before the Velcro pops off and it loosens. The amount of intra-abdominal pressure that a Velcro belt generates is far less. It may give you an added injury protection, but you might not get much when it comes to performance boost. The Benefits of a Weightlifting Belt It can stabilize and reduce stress on your spine.Wearing a belt during weightlifting can increase intra-abdominal pressure by up to 40% based on some studies. There’s also one study that reported that compression of the intervertebral discs was reduced by 50 percent when a weightlifting belt was used. It can help create better body biomechanics.According to research, wearing a weightlifting belt when lifting boxes can reduce the amount of forward-bend at the spine, bending back of the spine, and bending side to side. But it can increase the amount of flexion at the hips and knees. This means that a weightlifting belt forces you to lift more using your legs and not your back. This is the biochemical position that is best used when lifting something from the ground, which is also the one you want to use during squats and deadlifts using a barbell. You can get better performance with a weightlifting belt.Based on studies, wearing a weightlifting belt can actually increase your strength, power, and muscle growth for lower body exercises like the squat. Aside from that, researches showed that wearing a weightlifting belt during squats can help in increasing the muscle activity of the quadriceps and hamstrings muscles. Disadvantages of Using a Weightlifting Belt It can mess with motor learning.One of the concerns when it comes to wearing weightlifting belts is it might prevent proper motor learning. A lot of exercises in the gym require a correct pattern of recruitment of the abdominals. If you are a beginner, wearing a weightlifting belt might circumvent your learning of how to squeeze your abs tightly and in the right way during a heavy lift. It’s because the weightlifting belt just takes over. It can make your lower back wimpy.Another concern about using a weightlifting belt is that it is going to cause you a weaker lower back. It’s because when you wear one, the stress will be taken off the back, and stress is what drives adaptation. However, if you come and think about it, almost all of the strongest weightlifters in the world wear belts all the time in competitions and as well as training. Do you think they have weak lower backs? Things to Consider Before Using a Weightlifting BeltIf you are determined to strap a weightlifting belt the next time you hit the gym, there are certain things you need to learn and consider. The first one is how to breathe correctly to be able to make intra-abdominal pressure. If you cannot do this, then you will have a difficult time stabilizing your spine, which can lead to back pain. Another thing you need to consider is the fit of the weightlifting belt. Make sure that it fits you well and that it sits right. It should be tight enough that you will not be able to stick your hand between the belt and your skin. However, you also need to ensure that you can still expand your torso when taking a deep breath. When wearing a weightlifting belt, position it an inch or two above your pelvis. This way, it will cover more of your abdominal and spinal erector muscles. Should You Wear a Weightlifting Belt? Wearing a weightlifting belt will depend on your preference. There are many lifters who wear a weightlifting belt, while many also never do. If you decide to wear one, it is better to stick to the simple Velcro kind, especially if it’s only for workouts, and if you are not a powerlifter. The hard leather variety might look cool, but they should only be used for the specific purpose of performance enhancement.It is a highly personal decision, whether you are going to wear one or not. Just go with what will make you feel more comfortable when lifting. We hope that the information we shared gave you ideas on what a weightlifting belt is, and what it can offer.

Cute Obi Belt Picks

Cute Obi Belt Picks Blulu 2 Pieces Women Wide Waist Belt Obi Cinch Waist BandThis pair of wide waist belts will make any outfit look chic and elegant. It’s basic, no-nonsense, made-of-leather design makes it easy to match with anything. These pairs of belts are available in black and camel, and then black and red. Cityelf Woman Leatherette Wide Waistband Obi Belt Tall women with a thin physique can get a pretty shape with this obi belt. It has a waistband wide enough to “shorten”a long torso while being long enough to run around the waist twice. This belt made of PU leather is available in colors such as black, dark blue, red, dark purple, lavender, gold, sea blue, and tan. Samtree Obi Style Waist Belt Want to channel a retro style? This obi belt features a slitted cut with a simple lace-up design. The slit makes it fit perfectly around wide waists and add an illusion of curves for straighter silhouettes. This leather cinch belt is available in black, brown, blue, navy blue, pink, pink, red, white, and yellow. Colorful House Women’s Velvet Wrap Obi Waistband Cinch Belts Moving away from your straight-cut obi belts, this curvy velvet belt makes you look sexier. It’s perfect to wear with blouses and dresses. Plus, the fancy tassels at the ends of the ribbons add a fancy, feminine touch. Maikun Women’s Hollow Lace Wide Belt Obi Waist Band The lace on this belt feels extra, feminine, and sexy. It’s a perfect addition to plain, solid-color attires. Beneath the lace material, there’s a velvet lining soft PU leather that both feels soft and comfortable to wear. 

Guide to Obi Belts

             Guide to Obi Belts Want to add an adorable, exotic twist to your look? How about wrapping yourself up on a kimono obi belt? You don’t have to know Kung Fu or be in a Japanese costume to be able to wear an obi belt. You can wear it as an accessory for your everyday clothes. Obi is a Japanese term for “sash,” and an obi knot is a traditional knot for the sash or thick belts worn with karate, aikido, and judo martial arts uniforms. These are also traditionally found in women’s kimonos. Obi belts were first worn by geishas in Japan to call attention to the woman’s curves, giving an effect of being a present waiting to be unwrapped. Since this belt style isn’t only popular in Japan, you can use this belt for showing off your curves. Today, it’s still just as subtly sexy. Obi belts tend to wrap around the waist and cling to your natural shape. From a fashion standpoint, it adds a unique decorative element to your attire. From a functional standpoint, an obi knot will keep your clothing secure. So, wearing it is a win-win situation! You can wear an obi belt on top of a loose blouse, a button-down dress, a boho style maxi-dress, an evening dress, a high pencil skirt, a body-con dress, over an oversized tee or knit, over a vest, over a coat, with bridesmaid dresses - yes, the possibilities are endless! Basic tie This is the most common way of tying up an obi belt. Place the widest part of the belt over your belly button and make sure the belt is at the center.Bring the ends behind your back. Make it cross over in the middle of your back, then return them to the front.Tie the remaining part into a knot at your front. Loop knot This is a pretty loop that’s lowkey but stylish. Bring the center of the belt flat against the middle of your back. Hold the ends in front.Make the ends cross over and pull one end through the loop to create the first knot.Cross over the ends and pull the middle point of one side of the belt through the gap. Pull it tight to make a pretty loop. Double knot If you want the belt to stay in place all day, do a double knot. Follow steps 1-2 from on how to make a basic tie.Pull the ends tight to secure a knot. Then, repeat this process to double the knot. Twice wrapped If your obi belt is lengthy, you can wrap it twice around your waist and knot it for a thicker look. This technique works well when wearing kimonos, and for thin obi belts. Place the middle of the belt around your back and wrap it in your front.Wrap the ends around your body once again and make them meet back at your belly button.Finish the look with a knot. Tie at the back There’s no rule saying that an obi belt is meant to have a knot at the front. Position the center of the belt around your back.Wrap the ends around your body and make it cross over your back.Tie a double knot at the back. You may need help to do this properly.Tie at the sides Wearing a dress? Make it look even more special by swiveling the knot to the side.To do this, make a basic tie, a double knot or a loop knot - whatever you wish and just swivel the belt around so that the knot sits over one side of the hip. Tips for Wearing an Obi Belt 1. Wear it wisely to shape your silhouetteIf you want to break up a long torso, or fake an instant hourglass shape, wear an obi belt. It can be used to cinch in your waist and add shape to your figure. Here are some “rules” for wearing obi belt. The taller you are, the thicker your obi belt can be. If you’re petite, then opt for thinner obi belts. The more boyish your silhouette is, the more exaggerated you should tie your obi belt. If you’re curvy, tie your obi belt with a small and sleek knot. 2. Make it a focal point of your outfitObi belts are kind of a bold choice for a belt, so once you wear it, give it the spotlight. This means it’s better to keep away busy prints, big accessories, and super bright colors from the rest of your outfit. Make it your statement piece and nothing else to achieve a pulled-together, chic look. With an obi belt, less is really more. 3. Be choosy with your bagWearing a crossbody bag means straps cutting off at your obi belt at an awkward angle. A shoulder bag will cause the fabric to bunch under the arms. So when planning to wear an obi belt, avoid these two kinds of bags. Instead, opt for a clutch (if you’re wearing evening wear), or carry a tote bag or handbag from the crook of your arm. Classy, right? This way, you can carry your essentials while keeping it from interfering with the silhouette of your outfit.

Guide to the Types of Belt Buckles

Guide to the Types of Belt Buckles Belt Buckles have been used by man since the Iron Age. In modern times, belt buckles were only primarily used by the military up until the late 19th century. In the early 20th century belt buckles became more popular as a fashion accessory. The rise of cowboy movies in the United States ushered the popularity of the “Western-style”or plate style belt buckle. Here is a list of the different types of belt buckle that you can choose from. Plate-Style Belt Buckles As mentioned earlier the Plate-Style Belt Buckle was very popular with 19th century military. This design Features a three-hook clasp with two hooks at one end of the belt and one hook on the other end. Plate style belts have lessen in popularity in recent years but for those who choose to wear this type belt they easily go with different casual outfits.  Frame-Style Belt Buckles Frame style buckles are the oldest in terms of when the design came about. This design has the very familiar square frame with a prong attached to one end of the frame. The earliest samples of this design have a simple loop or “D”shaped frame. Frame-style belt buckles can be worn over casual or formal outfits.Box Out Belt BucklesTraditionally shaped like a box this buckles were introduced mainly as a fashion accessory and have been very popular in recent years. Some designs may fit more as a fashion accessory for more casual outfits while other designs are well suited for a formal look.Snap Belt BucklesThis design has one end attached to the buckle and the other end is attached in a secure but adjustable way. The snap belt buckle is not as popular as the other types of belt buckles but they are usually worn with casual outfits. Box Frame Belt Buckle Box frame Belt buckles became very popular in the 20th century. The design consists of the Post, Back and the Front. This design Are most common on web belts. Some web belts may also have a metal tip for ease of use. Belts with Box Frame Buckles are usually used with casual outfits. D/O Ring Belt Buckle The D or O refers to the shape of the buckles which are either made of plastic or metal. These buckle don not have prongs and can easily be adjusted by pulling on or loosening the belt strap. These types of belts can be used with casual, semi casual or even formal outfits. Stitched Closure Belt Buckles This buckle style comes in woven style belts. The prongs in this design are more like clasps that hold the belt instead of going through the belt itself. Depending on the color and the design and materials this type of belt will work for casual or formal wear.Belts are a part of modern fashion now as well as serving an important functional purpose as well. There are many options to help you pick the right style for you as well as the right one to help ensure your pants stay up!