How to Pick the Right Belt?

How to Pick the Right Belt?


How to Pick the Right Belt?

Wearing a right belt is something most important for men.Many people dont know how to choose a right belt.Today Hongmioo will tell you how to choose.

1. The Belt and Pants Should Match Formality

Narrow belts with dress pants, chinos, dark jeans, and trouser shorts; and wide belts with lighter denims, cargo pants, and cargo shorts.


2,The belt and shoes should be of the same colour

Colour-coordinating your belt with your shoes is—after picking the right belt width—often more than enough to get you through the day with style.

Hongmioo metions you to prepare a black belt,as most people like to wear black shoes,a black belt will help you a lot.


3,The Belt Material Should Match the Shoe Material

Leather with leather, suede with suede, and canvas with canvas.





If you don not have a right belt in hand.Buy one from Hongmioo.

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