How To Cut Hongmioo Belt And Make It Fit For Your Waist?

publisher: Frank
Time: 2018-01-06
Summary: It's a useful article help customer to make the belt fit for their waist.

When you receive Hongmioo belt it will have a fixed length, and so you will need to cut it down / shorten it to size so that it fits your waist.

1.Turn your Hongmioo belt inside out and open the clip on the belt buckle and pull out the leather strap.

2. Trim the strap according to your size. To do this measure your waist size first, and then run the tape measure up the belt from the middle hole. (This ensures that you can adjust the belt length over time from different hole positions.) 

3. Now mark/score the leather at a suitable length and cut the leather using scissors, a sharp knife or a carpet cutter.

4. Slip the leather strap into the buckle and close the clip. Your customised Hongmioo belt is now ready to wear.

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