Why are belts so expensive?

Why are belts so expensive?

 We saw this question in Quora. As we have more than 20 years' experience of leather belt production,we guess this question can be answered from the angle of a leather belt manufacture.

Firstly.our production cost is consist of 1.the cost of original materials(such as leather and buckle),2.the cost of labor,3.the cost of transportation.

The cost of material almost makes up 60% of total cost.

So if you choose high quality leather, the cost will not be cheap.

Also, some additional process will add the cost.For example, needlepoint and beaded process. Because these processes are totally handmade, which will increase the cost of material and labor together.

Our EXW price is not expensive,but our designer customers will add the cost of design or brand value for the final cost.

Our needlepoint belt FOB Shanghai price is around US$8–12 per piece, but if you search that item in google or amazon, you can see the price will be US$89–120.

If you want to buy some nice designs with good quality, we would recommend you to choose the leather belt from reliable brands. Because their QC is very strict,they will make sure their quality of each belt is worth of the price.