The Different Style of Belt Buckles

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publisher: Tina
Time: 2020-06-11
Summary: The Different Style of Belt Buckles,material,style of different buckle
The Different Style of Belt Buckles
Frame Style Buckle
Not only a buckle style for formal belts, the frame-style — usually with a bigger/thicker profile — can fasten casual belts as well
Plate Style Buckle
Usually detachable — paired with snap belts (straps without buckles)
Plate is usually decorated — e.g., in cowboy and biker belts
Hook goes through the front of the strap
Throw (distance from chape to hook) adds to the length of your belt
Box Frame Buckle
Box is hollow, metal and open-ended
Post presses the strap against the inside of the box
No need for holes in the strap
D-Ring/O-Ring Buckle
One or two rings form the buckle
Belt is fastened by threading through them
Casual, used with braided, webbing, and canvas belts
“Male” and “female” ends snap together like a seat belt
Very casual and functional, often used by those engaging in outdoor pursuits
Not to be confused with snap belts

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